Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Meanwhile...Way Out West

I apologize for the delay in new blog entries over the last week. Its back to school time here in Texas and also back to Scouting! We've wrapped up our first phase of the annual popcorn sale and did quite well for our little band of brothers. We ordered $3500 worth of popcorn and while the final tally is not in yet, I expect that we sold at least $3200 of it. If that holds true, our boys earned nearly $1000 for their camping and outings for the coming year, and this is only the first phase!

I've also been working on my novel, when I can find time, but aside from that I have found a bit of Uncommon History that is rather intriguing. A bit of history that, had the South not seceded, might have altered the course of existence of the Mormons in Utah.

Here is a bit of a teaser...

In 1862, the US Congress enacted the Morrill Act which declared that in any given territory, the practice of bigamy a crime and punishment could range anywhere from a fine up to a five year prison sentence. This Act was aimed directly at the growing Mormon presence out West, but due to the "distraction" of war in the East, it was essentially unenforceable. The more reading I have done sheds light on the fact that Abraham Lincoln, as well as a growing populace, were no friends of the Mormons. A look back at history, without the occurrence of a war in the East, is an interesting episode that may have led to a fight out West.

More interesting evidence is forthcoming, but here is a teaser photo of eight Mormon men imprisoned for practicing plural marriage.

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